Our r/Digibyte Reddit Thread is Trending!

Hello! Last night we made a new progress thread on r/Digibyte to announce our Digibyte payment option and within 12 hours it’s got 30 upvotes!

You can view it here:

My Game Studio is Now Accepting Digibyte! from Digibyte

Our original thread posted back in February had a ton of positive feedback and interest which we are taking into consideration. Everything from purchasing the game to DLCs, expansions, micro-transactions (though, we’re not going to ever use micro-transactions), and DGB faucets have been suggested. Over a matter of months that thread received 11 up votes and a handful of great comments.

The easiest step was to set up purchasing games and learn from there! The fact that 30 up votes in 12 hours has graced our indie dev hearts shows that people indeed want more use cases for Digibyte. We’re excited to see how our fusion of cryptocurrencies and gaming continues to unfold.

Thanks for reading,